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Via Medica International Healthcare LLC is a Medical Services Company, with over a decade of experience in Pre-hospital and Primary Healthcare services, integrated with a world leading ambulatory service, complemented by a robust Medical Training and logistics infrastructure and supported by a large team of well vetted, trained and licensed medical professionals from a variety of disciplines who provide advanced, efficient and comprehensive medical care with a personal touch!
"We do not compromise quality, ever. We ensure cost effectiveness and commercial viability of our services through leadership training."
Khaled Lufte - CEO UAE
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About Via Medica

Via Medica was founded in 2011 in Washington, DC and expanded to UAE in 2013. Since that time Via Medica has become one of the most counted on Healthcare providers in the Region and we continue to expand with offices and projects simultaneously occurring in 5 continents. We employ a carefully selected team of experts, distributed across the sub-sectors of the market and geographic allocations.

Each team is concerned with the analytical design and implementation of extensive Healthcare solutions for our clients anywhere and everywhere.

These teams are assisted by the company’s Research and Development Specialists with their business, technical, and ethnic backgrounds to ensure efficient and optimum performance across all our divisions.

Remote, Urban or Rural

Within 10 years Via Medica has grown to staff projects on 5 continents.

We have successfully completed projects with internationally recognized government bodies.

Our reach extends as far as your needs go.

Caring about people

Our team cares about what they do. We make it our philosophy to hire people that understand this is more than just a job.

Those are the people you want working with your team/project.

Government & Private Sector

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Oil, Gas & Mining
Healthcare & NGO's
Austere Medicine/Clinics
Military & Law Enforcement
Oil, Gas & Mining
Healthcare & NGO's
Austere Medicine/Clinics
Military & Law Enforcement
Via Medica supports government and private sector’s healthcare projects through a wide array of medical services. We offer customized solutions to meet your company’s complex goals and technical requirements complying to your industry sector’s healthcare standards.

Via Medica's Last Mile offers Governments, Corporate Partners and NGO's an in-country partner that handles in-country logistics, field hospitals/clinics and administration of vaccinations.

Our teams of highly-qualified and well-trained medical specialists are ready to assist you with the most effective and cost-efficient solution that fits your core requirements.


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Oil, Gas & Mining
Last Mile
Healthcare & NGO's
Austere Medicine/Clinics
Military & Law Enforcement

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Press Releases

Partnership with the Hope Consortium

Abu Dhabi's HOPE Consortium, which offers one of the most capable vaccine supply chains globally, has partnered with Via Medica International Healthcare, a leading global health care provider, to deliver the services combining end-to-end vaccine delivery with the accelerated on-ground deployment of medical and logistics specialists, staff and equipment.

Bringing Vaccines to the World

The linked service will enable countries and communities with limited medical and logistical capacities to assimilate the delivered vaccine supplies and vaccinate their populations safely and efficiently, with minimal disruption to local health delivery services. From flying massive shipments of COVID-19 vaccines around the world, Abu Dhabi’s Hope Consortium will now be flying Via Medica's doctors and health experts who will ensure jabs are given where they are needed the most.

UFC Fight Night

During the height of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Emirate of Abu Dhabi established a "secure bubble" on Yas Island to host UFC fights. This bubble included the event venue, training facilities, hotels, the beach and restaurants. All participants and staff were required to test Negative multiple times prior to traveling and entering the "secure bubble."

Proudly Part of the Solution

Via Medica provided COVID-19 Testing and was involved as one of the Medical Service provider teams working at the event venue.

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Via Medica is an Industry Leading Medical Services Provider that is always expanding. We have projects around the world.

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Is Via Medica the right fit for your career?

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