Oil & Gas/Infrastructure

Site & Camp Clinic Services

VMIH Oil & Gas provides a full range of medical services to support every client from large industrial clinics to small residential camps in remote areas. Understanding needs will vary based on the type of activity and location VMIH Oil & Gas will provide the right staff, with the right skills for the job.

Ambulance Service - EMS

VMIH Oil & Gas mobilizes its fleet of over 30 ambulances to provide treatment and transport to a wide array of clients. Whether coordinating a full Emergency Medical System or providing an ambulance to meet regulatory requirements; VMIH Oil & Gas is prepared to mobilize.

VMIH Oil & Gas has established multiple Ambulance Services throughout the GCC and operates a fleet with varying specifications; 2x4, 4x4, Petrol, Diesel, Type I, II, and III. Paramedics, EMT-Bs, Nurses, Doctors, and Drivers are all trained to operate in an EMS setting.

Medical Evaluations

VMIH Oil & Gas provides Urban and on site Medical Evaluations for Executives, Administrators, and Laborers tailored to the needs of the client. VMIH Oil & Gas is familiar with the ever-changing industry and local requirements and works with corporate HSE to ensure full compliance. On Site Medicals are preformed in a convenient location for employees with limited transportation needs and locations where transportation is not convenient.

Clinic Licensing, Consulting, Medical Procurement

VMIH Oil & Gas works closely with the Health Authority of Abu Dhabi and has licensed multiple polyclinics as well as general clinics and first aid posts for clients.

VMIH Oil & Gas combines years of practical experience with a deep understanding of municipality regulations to provide turnkey clinic operations. The HAAD authorized design team and PROs work together to expedite all processes of clinic fabrication and licensure.

VMIH Oil & Gas purchases in bulk, this enables them to pass on their discount for medical and non-medical equipment, supplies, furniture and routine maintenance to their clients. Maintenance is paramount for accuracy in medical care and evaluations. Operating on site and in remote areas means the reliability and accuracy of the results does mean the difference between life and death.

Explore how Via Medica International supports Oil & Gas/Infrastructure industry requirements worldwide through our unique capabilities.

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