Wilma Abubakar - CBIC Article

Our own Wilma Abubakar - Chief Nursing Officer, featured at the Certification Board of Infection Control and Epidemiology, Inc.

Location: United Arab Emirates
Title: Chief Nursing Officer
Company/Organization: Via Medica International Healthcare
First Certified: November 2020

"When we heard the news about the Wuhan virus affecting a lot of Chinese people, the UAE government public health experts started to do their research and shared information to all health care industries. I, as a healthcare personnel whose job includes prevention of infection to all our patients, families and our staff also did my studies and research on the prevention of spread of this virus should it reached the UAE, also I focused on Pandemics and Bioterrorism.

We were alarmed towards the beginning of January and in the beginning of February we were able to produce our first Covid-19 Manual which includes mitigation plan up to the succession planning and conducted immediate education and training of our staff on Covid-19 awareness and prevention of the spread of the virus. "

Read the entire story here: https://www.cbic.org/OffNav/Honoring-CIC-and-a-IPC/Story-47.htm

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